A Dog Decided to Take an Adventure by Train to Get Away From Scary Fireworks

Buddy the dog got scared of fireworks going off in his hometown of Retford, England so he ran away to the train station. That's when he boarded a train to Sheffield and started his adventure.

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Family wants Yellowstone to train its bears.
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For most outdoor explorers the chance of seeing a bear in the wilderness is something that is prepared for with caution in hopes of as little and as safe an interaction with the huge, walking dangerfuzz-bags as possible in their natural habitat.

Well these Yellowstone visitors had other expectations.

As posted on Reddit Aug. 27, some guests left this feedback for the staff at lodging in Yellowstone.

Well, it looks like someone needs to bone up on their bear-related injuries and fatalities as documented by the National Parks Service.

Or at least, someone needs to tell them about the poor hiker that died this month from a bear attack at Yellowstone.

Or just put a bear in their yard and let 'em see what happens.

Get 'em, bear.