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Via: The Graham Norton Show
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For weeks, people have been debating one thing and one thing only: Is this a picture of Tom Hanks or Bill Murray?

With the picture’s subject’s rounded nose and toothless mouth, it can be hard to tell the difference between them. But Tom Hanks appeared on The Graham Norton Show to put the debate to rest.

After showing off the difference between the sides of his own face, Hanks, along with Gemma Arterton and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, recreates the picture of Bill Murray screaming with baby. It’s really something.

Also in this interview, Tom Hanks dusts off his Forrest Gump performance, and this baby still runs.

image tom hanks photobomb Tom Hanks Wandered up to a Married Couple in Central Park to Photobomb Their Wedding Photos
Via: megmillerphotography
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From the Instagram caption:

Yesterday's wedding was so beautiful! Elisabeth and Ryan you planned one amazing celebration. The icing on the cake was @tomhanks stopping in Central Park to wish them congratulations.
tom hanks steve martin twitter Important: Guys, Tom Hanks Found a Sock
Via: @tomhanks
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This post, believe it or not, already has 5,600 likes on Twitter after being up for only a few hours. This lone sock, is a trending post. We have a few thoughts about this:

1. Why do so many people care that Tom Hanks found this one lost sock?
2. Why did he bother putting a ©2016 Tom Hanks watermark on a picture of a sock?

Just doing a quick survey of Tom Hank's Twitter feed, it's about 60% posts of lost clothing items that used to be part of a pair. Does anyone ever claim the items he takes pictures of? And seriously, WHOSE SOCK IS THIS?    

Actually, in this case, someone did respond to claim the sock. 

via @SteveMartinToGo

Mystery solved?

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