Marco Gutierrez, founder of Latinos for Trump, found himself at the center of the hashtag #TacoTrucksOnEveryCorner after comments he made in an MSNBC on Thursday.

The Trump surrogate warned of "taco trucks on every corner" as immigration remains unchecked and the internet (or anyone who can appreciate a good taco truck) can't find anything wrong with the idea.

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image miracle tacos Dude Who Woke From a Coma Asking for Taco Bell Finally Gets Taco Bell
Via: wakethejake
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Jake Booth was in a coma for 47 days and when he finally woke up he asked for one thing: Taco Bell. For a while that couldn't happen because he had a tracheotomy but now he can eat all the Taco Bell he wants. Jake's family set up a GoFundMe campaign to help pay for the costs of his ongoing recovery. 

Outrage of The Day: A Mom is Super Upset About The Sex Message on Her Kid's Chipotle Cup
Via: Imgur
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And on today's episode of "Everything Offends Me," a woman is really upset at the message on her kid's Chipotle cup.

Did the cup encourage the child to club baby seals? Set fire to a school? Join ISIS?

Nope. It just had two words that made the mom feel uncomfortable: reproductive sex.

OK, maybe out of context these words seem odd on a Chipotle cup. But not if you know anything about the artist that designed the cup.

The artist, Anthony Doerr, describes the cup like this:

Tattoo Earth's 4.5-billion-year timeline onto your arm, shoulder to fingertip, and your upper arm will get nothing but geologic mayhem: meteorites, magma, acid rain. Life won't begin until your bicep, and from there to your wrist it's all single-celled, oceangoing stuff. Reproductive sex won't show up until your wristwatch, and creatures that are finally big enough to see—tubes and fronds and weird Precambrian plant-animals—will crisscross the back of your hand.

Trilobites paddle across your palm; ancient forests grow from your knuckles; dinosaurs wind around the joints at the ends of your fingers. Mammals burrow into your cuticles.

Orangutans, arrowheads, Cleopatra, the names of the stars—they all have to fit on the sliver of fingernail at the end of your longest finger.

So the artwork is an arm showing how the world came to be through evolution. And reproductive sex would only show up around the wrist.

Outrage averted.

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