Australian woman finds venomous tiger snake in her christmas tree
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How bad do you have to be for Santa to bring you a venomous snake instead of coal?

A woman in Melbourne, Victoria, Austrailia found a poisonous tiger snake in her Christmas tree on Sunday. This strange recreation of the story of Eve in the Garden of Eden was not done on purpose. According to the BBC, “the reptile entered through an open door before curling up among the decorations.”

via BBC

This may not have been the woman’s first rodeo, though, as she seemed to know exactly what to do, leaving the room, jamming the door with a towel, and calling for help.

Mostly protected in the United States, tiger snakes usually live around the coast, but the snake wrangler said he’s found snakes in “ugg boots, washing machines, dog kennels, cat boxes, toilets, kitchen cupboards and bookcases.”

The 12 days of Christmas are getting scarier every year.

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"A shocking video has emerged of Brazilian activist Arteval Duarte getting bitten by a snake during a stunt in July.

The footage, shot in Jacunda, Brazil, shows the 'Ninja of Serpents' getting bitten by the large snake as he tries to put its head in his mouth where he already holds a tarantula.

His face is left covered in blood, but he doesn't seem to mind all that much.

Arteval regularly performs stunts like this to raise awareness about deforestation in the Amazon. Sometimes, they go wrong.

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