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You've probably learned about vestigial organs in Biology class by now. There are a lot of things that aren't important to humans any more but we've still held onto them in some way. If you've ever seen someone wiggle their ears, it's obvious. 

This video shows some of those unnecessary parts and why we used to have them. It also goes into detail about the way that some humans have actually lost those extra pieces. 

That's evolution at work. 

science biology neil degrasse tyson Neil DeGrasse Tyson Reminds Everyone He Is Not a Biologist With One Very Inaccurate Tweet
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Neil DeGrasse Tyson made a lot of people (and presumably ducks, cats and bedbugs) angry with a much less than true fact about sex and evolution.  His claim, that sex doesn't hurt any species had many Twitter users jumping to correct him. 

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And you might be thinking, he's just trying to be positive about human sexuality and say, in his own pseudoscientific way that it's healthy and painless for humans. But... that's actually not true either:

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Sure, he's a scientist but cut him some slack, he's not that kind of scientist. He studied astrophysics, how's he supposed to check his facts at all before Tweeting about biology?

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