Inmate Offhandedly DM's Chick From Prison And We're All Horribly Confused

Of all the wild and unexpected friend requests/random messages any social media subscriber is apt to find in their inbox, the last thing you'd expect would be a damn message from an inmate who somehow has access to a working cellular device; but alas, here we find ourselves --- deep in the pits of WTF Facebook land. The real, unavoidable question here though, is how in the hell did this dude manage to lock down a phone and get these texts off!

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Via svantem
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Ladies and Gentleman, we got him.

60 years since first started terrorizing Whoville, robbing them of Christmas, the Grinch has been apprehended in Ithaca, NY of all places.

TIME reports that “Officer Colin Hayward Toland, a 9-year-old honorary member of the Ithaca police force who’s battled brain cancer for most of his life, arrested the Grinch on Tuesday for the crime of ‘stealing Christmas.’”

via Nonstop Awkward

Because this is America, where everyone has the right to a fair and speedy trial, the Grinch plead not guilty to “stealing Christmas,” in spite Whoville residents’ allegations. Wise and just, Toland, acting as the Grinch's counsel, argued for probation because it's Christmas. The Judge, who's heart must've grown two sizes after hearing a 9-year-old police officer defend the Grinch, struck a plea deal, and the Grinch was sentenced to probation and to spend Christmas with Toland and his family.

Watch below to see justice in action.