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To be fair to the people, would you recognize the champion of BADMINTON? The USA didn't even win a medal in badminton this year. 

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So Tinder has revealed the top six sports by gender that were most-swiped in Rio, but they didn't get specific about which athletes may have been the chosen ones. That leaves us left guessing which athletes they might not be mentioning...

For Women's Sports they listed:

Table Tennis, Field Hockey, Rowing, Weightlifting...

...and Rugby and Swimming.

For Men's sports they listed:

Tennis, Weightlifting, Gymnastics, Sport Shooting, Judo...

...and Boxing.

Wait, let's take a look at that Judo guy again...

Okay, yeah, we get it.


Usain Bolt's 30th birthday party in Rio was one for the ages.

Yesterday, a story leaked of Usain Bolt cheating on his girlfriend after 20-year-old, Jady Duarte, shared pictures to social media. The girl openly described her one night stand with the Fastest Man Alive in an interview.

Today, a picture from that same club where Bolt met Jady is making the rounds on social media. The pic shows Usain Bolt "making out" with a random girl, but the internet believes there's more to the story...

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