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It takes years of training to become a ninja, so don’t go stealing swords on your first day.

At least, “still in training” better be the excuse of this ninja, who broke into a comic book store in Anchorage, Alaska and stole a katana sword on Friday. In a move that would get any warrior removed from their dojo, or at the very least, reprimanded by their sansei, this ninja was caught on camera. It doesn’t even look like they're trying to evade the its lens.

There are just so many things wrong with this scenario. First, like, if you’re dressing up as a ninja, and you’re not going to find any cover, then, jeez, I don’t know, go back to training. Second, what is this ninja doing getting their steel from a comic book store? That thing better have been stolen from this ninja and they are merely retrieving it. Third, bring a smoke bomb, dude.

What is this world coming to? A ninja should be as elusive as a shadow, and this one came in like bull in a china shop. Nothing else was stolen, but if the ninja’s in Anchorage are this bad, law enforcement really needs to step it up, unless you want your town overrun by low-rent ninjas.

Maybe that security camera was just really fast? No, that’s stupid. Get it together, ninja. Don’t be seen.

creepy fap ninja Police Are Searching for a Criminal Now Known as The "Hipster Ninja Masturbator"
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Police are on the lookout for a man who has made a "special" visit to the same house in Seattle up to four times according to Seattle PI.  You can probably guess what he's doing based on the blurred out segment of the image. 

This serial offender has been caught on security footage looking through the window of the home after a woman who lives there reported it to the police about a month before. He's been described as  a ninja because of the dark clothes and toe shoes he's wearing (the night vision camera makes his black clothing look white). One Reddit user commented on the situation to say what we were all thinking:

via Zorrino

Hopefully, he's caught soon because as funny as the situation seems, it is definitely not okay. 

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