Comedy Central is Finally Going to Roast Justin Bieber, and He's Already Being a Good Sport About it

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We'll see what his reaction looks like when he's finally in the hot seat this March. This ought to be good!

Fail of the Day: Justin Bieber Wipes Out on a Skateboard in a Dress & Leather Pants

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Both Bieber fans and haters (but mostly haters) will enjoy this video that has emerged of the boy pop star.

While wearing leather pants and a man dress, the Biebs attempted a simple skateboarding trick outside Madison Square Garden this week.

But he failed miserably, crashing into the cement as people watched from the sidewalk before eventually landing it.

Last week he also showed off a new private jet that suggested he got for Christmas, which turned out to be a big lie.

So you can find some sort of solace in that news as well.

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