If there's one breed of hedonistically-inclined boozehound that knows how to silence a soul-crushing hangover, it's a chef. When it comes to the hangover, the chef has the golden recipe that will never fail to alleviate your tired 'ol soul. I don't mean to stereotype here, but growing up, the time I spent working in a restaurant as an alternating busboy/dishwasher (aka Team Bitch) was wrought by regular -- almost daily -- hilarious instances involving red-eyed, booze-on-the-breath, impossibly irritable chefs on epic benders that somehow kept showing up for work. Well, if these hangover cures are any sort of hint as to what they were shoving down their gullet, it might finally all make sense now for how they kept clocking on. 

Big shoutout to the people over at Munchies that pulled this invaluable list of five star, chef-prepared wisdom, together.

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