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batman v superman Bruce Wayne's Residence Is Available to Tour via Streetview on Google Maps
Via: Google Maps
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Bruce Wayne's residence from Batman v Superman is available to explore on street view in Google maps.  It's a pretty cool house.  He's got a view, some obviously expensive furniture although, that's a lot of glass for a Superhero's protective fortress...

And what does he even do in there? Does this house even have a bathroom or is it all windows? It's not enough to just look around, if you walk in the right direction you'll discover this:

Via: Nikola Woods
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A Texas woman was surprised to find that her duplex had been demolished without her knowledge or consent.  She was in the process of trying to fix up the structure after being hit by a tornado around Christmas time but now it looks like they'll have to rebuild instead. 

The demolition crew says that an error in Google maps made them think this was the right home, even though it was clearly the same house number on the wrong street. 

The CEO of the demolition company refused to go on camera but according to WFAA 8, he told a reporter that the mistake was "no big deal".

It can be fun to play around on Google Maps and see what crazy things they caught on street view. These photos are not as fun, they're actually kind of scary. Let's hope they're all just mistakes and not actual things that are lurking somewhere out there. You know what? No more street view.

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Via: Team Android
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Something strange is happening in Pakistan.

Team Android has discovered a bizarre Easter egg in Google Maps that shows the Android logo peeing on the Apple logo.

To check it out yourself, just go to these coordinates, and you will be sent to Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

Another piece of Google Maps graffiti was later found in the Takht Pari Forest, which you can see below.

It is believed to be the result of someone abusing Google’s Map Maker tool, and the company issued a statement to The Daily Mail.

“We’ve terminated the Android involved in this incident, and he’ll be disappearing from Google Maps shortly,” said a Google rep.

And Pascal Hartig, a Twitter engineer, also pointed out that it was a random user.

So yes, it would appear that Google Maps review process could use a little work.

Head on over to Pakistan and soak it up now before it’s gone.

Via: The Advertiser
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Well, she can check that one off her bucket list.

Karen Davis of Port Pirie, Australia has exposed her breasts to the entire world via Google Street View, and she is ecstatic.

"I look at Google Maps a lot and I wanted to be on there and I thought this is the way to do it," she said.

She recently chased down the mapping car and flipped up her shirt just in time for the image to be immortalized online. Although Google seems to have since blurred out her entire body.

News sites all over the world have reported on her little stunt, which she says was mostly for fun. But there was also a message behind it.

"I want my kids to be proud of their body and proud of who they are no matter what they look like," she told The Project.

She was later reported to the police for disorderly behavior, because someone doesn't have a sense of humor.

And she recently turned herself in to the authorities.

"I thought I would save them the petrol," she told The Recorder.

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