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If this doesn't prove to you how out of touch Fox News is, I don't know what will.

"Who is JJ Abrams?" COME ON, MAN!

"I respect your little love for this movie, but..."

Facebook went down for about an hour and Fox News' Shep Smith couldn't care less.
Via: FoxNews
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Facebook went down for about an hour today. Are you OK?

Do you know who was totally fine about it? Fox News' Shepard Smith.

He provided a 'breaking news' update that sounded like more of a pointed rant than an actual bit of information. But hey, he knows his audience.

"...So, if you're all narcissistic and want to share every bit of your life with the world, uh they don't care anyway, and a few minutes off Facebook will not kill you."

He sounds a little bitter about it. Maybe people aren't responding to his friend requests or not poking him back.

Reactions were mixed.

You know how people do.