Marilyn Manson Got Grand Slammed at Canadian Denny's

Marilyn Manson has some bad table manners
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TMZ has reported that long time polite person Marilyn Manson might have slipped up at a Denny's in Alberta, Canada.

On tour for his new album, The Pale Emperor, Manson stopped off for a quick, quaint bite at 2 a.m. Then apparently he got mean to a nearby table, whose occupants proceeded to get punchy on Manson's face.

TMZ said this:

"We're told Manson got into an argument with a group at another table, and at some point allegedly called a guy's gf a b*tch.
The guy was pissed, and we're told he responded by punching Manson in the face."

It's a metaphorical, and maybe literal, black eye for the performer who always tried teaching America's young people to turn the other cheek.

A Meal Fit For a Hobbit

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Is it strange that I feel full for him? Something about eating that much Denny's food in a single sitting makes me physically ill and I just can't explain it...