Before and After a Cancer Battle, One Man Has the Perfect Set of Halloween Costumes

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Last year Tom Schutt of D.C. was undergoing treatments for his cancer, resulting in his hair loss - and a pretty great Jean-Luc Picard costume. Now that he's in remission, he can sport a Riker look!

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Meet Captain Hornblaster, The Star of Election Day in Florida

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Rick Scott may have won the race for Florida governor, but a mysterious masked man is stealing his thunder.

Interrupting on air news reporters is an age old tradition, and now thanks to Florida, we have our latest contender in the battle to become the next viral sensation: Captain Hornblaster.

ABC Action News reporter Sarina Fazan was busy discussing Charlie Crist, when he appeared behind her shouting his name.

Fazan was unphased, but a few questions remain: What is the true identity of Mr. Hornblaster, and will he be running in 2016?

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