lgbtq cake whole foods Whole Foods Is Suing the Man Who Claimed They Sold Him a Cake Decorated With a Homophobic Slur
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Pastor Jordan D Brown claimed to have gotten this awful cake from Whole Foods. He shared a picture of the cake with the statement:

That’s not the cake I ordered, @WholeFoodsand I am offended for myself & the entire community

He also got a lawyer, and filmed this "unboxing" video as proof that the cake had not been tampered with. 

Whole Foods, a notably progressive grocery store chain, has countered with a thorough investigation. They are now suing the pastor in regard to his claim, which they believe to be false. According to Uproxx, Whole Foods issued this statement:

After a deeper investigation of Mr. Brown’s claim, we believe his accusations are fraudulent and we intend to take legal action against both Mr. Brown and his attorney.

We stand behind our bakery team member, who is part of the LGBTQ community, and we appreciate the team members and shoppers who recognize that this claim is completely false and directly contradicts Whole Foods Market’s inclusive culture, which celebrates diversity.

Whole Foods also released a video showing Brown and the cashier while the cake was being purchased where neither one seemed to notice the odd wording on the cake.

cake censorship This Cake Was Too Sexy for Instagram
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This is a picture of an Easter Simnel cake, a cake that sounds delicious and is very common in the UK around this time of year. They usually look about like this one but Instagram found it just too risque and suspended the account of the woman who posted it. 

via @jennifermoseleychef

Her daughter brought this to wider attention on social media after Instagram refused to restore the account saying that, "We understand that people have different ideas about what’s okay to share on Instagram, but to keep Instagram safe, we require everyone to follow our guidelines." according to Mashable

via @fionamoseley

Fortunately, Instagram decided to take a second look into the matter and, presumably when an actual human laid eyes on the cake for the first time in this process, they restored the account.