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Build-A-Bear's hastily-deleted tweet was just one of several brands caught in the act of turning one of the most deadly attacks on American soil into a chance to promote their #brand with #sales on Twitter. That doesn't even compare to these four though. Here's Intimacy Box, a lingerie company, who had the gumption to even get the date of the attack wrong:

CVS couldn't resist slapping their corporate logo on their sentimentality (via Seth Fiegerman):

Of course, what better way to think about and honor 9/11 than from a company that makes prosthetic fappable lady-bits:

And finally, here's a series of tweets (via Brandon Wall) from a Bikram Yoga studio in Arlington, VA:

Bikram Yoga eventually apologized for any insensitivity, but not before laying down the Loose Change conspiracy nonsense and a healthy lack of Basic Human Dignity.

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The tweet in question? Here is a screencap of the quickly-deleted message, from Christina Coleman's twitter feed:

This week, survivors of domestic abuse started a pair of hashtags, #WhyIStayed and #WhyILeft, to educate others on the realities of domestic abuse and empower those within harmful relationships. In light of football player Ray Rice's recently-uncovered tapes his subsequent suspension, these words are that much more powerful.

Of course, that's not what DiGiorno thought the hashtag was about, and in their attempt to stay on top of trends on Twitter threw this into the public eye without a care in the world. As you can see, DiGiorno has since apologized for their ignorance. Just another warning message to #Brands on #SocialMedia, right?

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