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Guys, we are in real dire straights these days. The toddlers have taken over the nursery school, and there isn't a grownup in sight. Obama is gone. Ok? Get that through your thick skulls. 

As if to pour salt on that wound, Jordan Peele of Key & Peele and the director of the new film Get Out, reminds us all of what we're missing and what Obama's probably doing. Drunk Obama is the president now. Get over it! 

Via: Bad Lip Reading
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"The new kid smells like falafel and wants to shave my mustache."

Since last Friday, we've wondered what the high and mighty were saying at the inauguration. Well, those days are over. 

The geniuses at Bad Lip Reading have finally released their "Inauguration Day" video, and it's glorious. Now, you can enjoy Trump's speech without all post-apocalyptic imagery and good ol' fashioned American "carnage." 


donald trump inauguration compared to obama
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You can see a whole lot of green on the National Mall, and not the good kind.

Everyone knew that President Trump’s inauguration was having trouble putting people on stage and butts in seats, but compared to other inaugurations, this is pretty weak. Arial shots of the inauguration of the nation’s first reality-TV, gameshow host president reveal that not that many people went to this thing.

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Look at all that grass. It looks especially weak compared to Obama’s inauguration in 2009. Trump drew roughly 800,000 to 900,000 while Obama brought in about 1.8 million.

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And them together, side by side? Yeesh:

Yeesh. Nothing left to say but:

spotify offers president barack obama job as president of playlists
Via: Spotify
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In a little over a week, President Obama is just another nameless schmo, searching the classifieds for a new job and living in his parents’ basement. He’ll probably get an internship or something and start a career in music PR.

Well, maybe Obama should look into a gig at Spotify because it seems like they’re offering a job that he’s especially qualified for: President of Playlists.

The job is live now on Spotify's employement page, so you could apply for it, but you'd have to meet these specific requirements:

  1. Eight years running a highly-regarded nation
  2. Having Kendrick Lamar play your birthday party
  3. Having a Nobel Prize.

Check out the full job description:

via Spotify

Someone forward this to him, he’d be perfect. Does anyone know anyone at Spotify that could put in a good word for him?

Via: Comedy Central
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President Barack Obama is on his goodbye tour, making farewell addresses over his final two weeks in office. But what's he really saying?

On The Daily Show with Trevor Noah the other night, Keegan Michael Key dropped into translate, introducing the final "Obama Translator" sketch, which they dusted off from their old sketch show Key & Peel

Say goodbye in anger with the final "Obama Translator." 


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