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Play time's over! 

I've always wanted to say that. 

Japanese photographer hotkenobi is loading up Instagram with shots of superhero figures destroying things that are to scale. It's like if Toy Story starred the Avengers, and, man, is it cool. Now, if only they didn't take these figures out of the packages, he just depreciated their value by at least 75%. 

Check it out: 

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Via: nippon
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Japan's busy making a new Godzilla movie titled Godzilla Resurgence, and hot dang does it look amazeballs. 

On the flipside...not so sure what's going on with the new and not so safe for work Godzilla figure that's currently being produced and sold in Japan as part of that pre-movie hype. Here's another look at the figure:

A quick look through some of the following reactions, and you'll see many of us are at a loss for words here...



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