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The GOP Threw Any Old Quote on a Picture of Lincoln For Lincoln's Birthday, So Now Everyone's Getting in the Game

Yesterday was Abraham Lincoln's birthday, a day for us to remember one of America's finest leaders. So why not post one of his quotes to find the strength of a man who brought this country together? There's so much to choose from, like say, maybe something from  "The Gettysburg Address."

But the GOP isn't just any Grand Old Party, they are, as they so often like to remind people accusing them of racism, "the party of Lincoln." Of course, this is a meaningless sentiment since everyone knows that the Democratic and Republican parties essentially switched platforms during the 20th century. But hey, bringing up Lincoln don't hurt. Unless of course, you misquote him. 

To celebrate Lincoln and his words, the GOP wanted to quote the man, but not just you're old "Four score and twenty years." They wanted a deep cut, a cut so deep that Lincoln didn't even say the quote they attributed to him. Apparently, it comes from some advertisements for an anti-aging book from the 1940s.

So Twitter does what Twitter does and started just attributing any quote to Abraham Lincoln and the results are hilarious. Check it out. 

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