University Student Waiting to Meet With an Advisor is Accused of Harassment

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A student at Kennesaw State University in Georgia posted this video on his Twitter account after being accused of harassment by an academic advisor for waiting for a meeting with a different advisor in the lobby. According to CBC News that advisor has been placed on leave following the incident. Comments and responses to the twitter post indicate that this may not be an isolated problem and that the department has a history of being inattentive to students requesting help.

Song of the Day: Comedian Turns His Fart Into Beautiful Music

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At first this just stinks, and then it’s music to your ears.

A comedy duo from Australia called the Shonky Brothers have turned some flatulence into a “7-tone fart symphony.”

One of the brothers named Loz, recently farted, and the two realized there was something very special about it.

When the audio is slowed down, as demonstrated in the video above, it becomes recognizable as a major seventh arpeggio in the key of B flat.

It’s “the greatest fart I ever did,” Loz writes in the video.

You can listen to the final product below, which he calls his “Magnum Anus,” and even make it your ringtone!

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