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Super Mario Odyssey Is A Masterpiece And The Internet Can't Contain Its Excitement

In case you're living under a rock: Super Mario Odyssey releases tonight at 12am EST and the internet is in an absolute frenzy over the game.

Super Mario Odyssey is described by Nintendo as the spiritual successor to the acclaimed Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine titles that released in 96' and 02' respectively. That's right, 64 is 21 years old and Sunshine is 15 this year. Feeling old yet?

SMO has been getting rave reviews across the board and is on track to become the highest reviewed title of all time, which has us absolutely STOKED to get our hands on it.

Those of us who haven't gotten the game delivered to us early still have a few hours to wait (looking at you Amazon buyers). So let's kick back and enjoy some of what the internet has been saying about the game to fuel our personal hype trains.

Super Mario Odyssey Is Amazing And The Internet Can't Control Itself
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