Fail of the Day: BBC Anchor Picks Wrong Camera

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Hi, I'm Martine Croxall, and I am invisible.

This BBC News anchor accidentally stood in front of the wrong camera Monday night, so viewers were left staring at an empty chair.

She handled it very well, however, and instructed everyone to "pretend like you haven't noticed."

Escape Fail of the Day: Perp Crashes Getaway Car, Demolishes Building

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I guess you could call this Car-ma?

A woman in Kansas City drove a stolen SUV into a building last week while being chased by police.

Not only did she crash, but she also took most of the building down with her.

She survived the incident, and the building was vacant so no one else was hurt.

News Bloopers of the Day: Snow + Reporters = LOL

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Snow news is good news, right?

After this week's Snowmageddon in Buffalo, here's a nice collection of snow-related news bloopers to keep you entertained while you thaw.

Social Media Fail of the Day: New England Patriots Thank Racist Twitter User

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Whoever handles the Patriots' social media is probably not having a very fun Friday at work - assuming they are still employed.

To celebrate their 1 millionth follower on Thursday, the Patriots asked people to retweet an image of a digital jersey to receive a customized version with their Twitter handle on the back.

The account then tweeted out a thank you to an account with an extremely racist username, complete with an accompanying jersey emblazoned with the slur.
They have since deleted the offensive tweet and apologized for the "filtering" error.

G20 Fail of the Day: U.S. Helicopter Blows Dust Cloud Into Brisbane Traffic

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Way to make a first impression America.

While practicing takeoffs and landings in Brisbane ahead of this weekend's G20 summit, an Osprey U.S. military helicopter accidentally blew large dust clouds into 6 lanes of nearby traffic, causing a standstill.

Fortunately no accidents were reported, according to The Courier Mail.

In related news, Australia now hates us.

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