Making Holograms You Can Feel!

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Technology has changed rapidly over the last few years with touch feedback, known as haptics, being used in entertainment, rehabilitation and even surgical training. New research, using ultrasound, has developed an invisible 3-D haptic shape that can be seen and felt.

The research paper, published in the current issue of ACM Transactions on Graphics demonstrates how a method has been created to produce 3D shapes that can, be felt in mid-air.

The research could change the way 3D shapes are used. The new technology could enable surgeons to explore a CT scan by enabling them to feel a disease, such as a tumour, using haptic feedback.

Robotic Security Guard

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Well, it seems less threatening than the ED-209.

Via Laughing Squid

The Knightscope K5 Autonomous Data Machine is an mobile robotic security guard with a slew of built-in sensors designed to patrol and monitor an area. The egg-shaped rolling robot has GPS and laser scanning built-in and utilizes prediction algorithms and social analytics to identify and assess potential concerns. Data collected by the robot is also made public to help crowdsource those predictions. Knightscope's creators plan to charge an hourly fee to rent the robot that will likely significantly undercut the going price of their human counterparts.

Could Cars Eventually Power Themselves?

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Now nanotechnologists from Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in Australia have developed an ultra lightweight supercapacitor that can easily be combined with regular batteries to dramatically boost their power while decreasing their weight - and within five years could eliminate the need for batteries altogether.

"Supercapacitors offer a high power output in a short time, meaning a faster acceleration rate of the car and a charging time of just a few minutes, compared to several hours for a standard electric car battery," said Marco Notarianni, a PhD researcher from QUT who worked on the project, in a press release.

But the potential of these devices goes beyond simply upgrading our current batteries - they could also replace them.
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