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Nibbles thinks he’s a dog, and it’s the cutest thing ever.

Watch as this Rouen duck waits patiently for his best human friend Johnny to come home from school, and as soon as the boy is in sight, he completely loses it.

Johnny also greets him with a few kisses on his bill once all the quacking starts dying down a bit.

It’s only a matter of time before he learns to bark.

His owners explain that Nibbles wears a tiny diaper so that he can go on car rides and spend time in their house.

Do yourself a favor and check out the rest of the clips on their YouTube channel.

Here they are going for a walk down the street together set to “Stand By Me.”

And here he is eating Johnny’s homework, just like a dog is supposed to do.

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Specifically, secondary schools across Northern Ireland are being given copies of MinecraftEdu, a version of the game designed to be educational.  This initiative is expected to bring Minecraft to 50,000 kids, and will be used to teach everything from art to history and computer coding:

Last week we worked with Artichoke and The Space to recreate, in Minecraft, a version of Burning Man artist David Best’s ‘Temple’ in Minecraft.

The real world Temple was a 70ft structure in the city that was ceremonially burnt. When we took it into the schools we were able to give young people a chance to create their own versions of the Temple, working alongside the artist. We’ve seen Minecraft being used to teach everything from coding to physics but I think that there’s a real opportunity to develop more of these kind of creative projects too.
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