friends clothing school Sometimes All You Need to Be a Good Friend Is a Willingness to Wear Booty Shorts
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Andrew Nguyen has been declared the world's best friend by the internet today for swapping pants with his friend so she could meet the safety requirements to take a lab test. 

It was a pretty solid favor he did for his friend and people LOVE him for it.

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cheryl's birthday logic problem
Via: NY Times
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Via NY Times:

Originally, Mr. Kong said this was a problem inflicted on fifth-graders, leading to hand-wringing that Singapore children were way better at math than everyone else in the world and worries that Singapore children were being mentally abused with convoluted logic at a young age.

It turned out the problem actually came from a math olympiad test for math-savvy high school-age students.

If you're having trouble here's the answer.

And here's the post that started it all.

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