At Least It Will Put Him to Sleep, Right?

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Every time I talk to my European friends, they bemoan that the drinking age is 21 in the United States where everyone else in the world can go to a bar and order a pint by the time they're 18 (or younger in some places (hey Germany!)). I can see their point, especially when the allure of drinking can drive our young kids to hit the bottle at such an early age. Check them all out below!

Get a Quick Sip of That, Why Don't Ya

Look at this dad, just standing by while his child spirals into a TOTALLY INEVITABLE AND UNAVOIDABLE BOUT WITH ALCOHOLISM.

Use Whatever Pacifier You Have On Hand

If it weren't for the fact that this baby just lost her Jedi mind-powers that beer would already be in her tiny, fragile hands:

Of All the Times to Lose those Force Powers...

Parenting WIN: A Link to the Halloween Candy

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Happy Halloween Season, parents and kids! Remember, if you have any cool costumes, submit them to Parenting FAILs and they could get to the front page!