A Sixth-Grader Wrote This Lovely Apology to the Emergency Dispatcher He Prank Called

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This sixth-grader has clearly learned his lesson about the appropriate time and place to use the phrase "Deez Nuts". Hint: It's not while prank calling 911, because you should never prank call 911.

 According to the police department in Savannah, Ga, where the call was made, the boy's parents brought him to the local 911 center where this letter was read aloud to the staff. While he was visiting he got to see how the 911 center works and understand why prank calls interfere with important emergency operations. 

Parenting of the Day: Girl Chased By Goose, Dad Laughs Hysterically

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He describes it as just a “typical Friday night with my nature loving daughter,” while she remembers it as the last time she was ever able to look at a bird without bursting into tears.

In this video a dad is hanging out by a pond with his daughter, when she decides to go around the other side to pay a visit to a friendly goose.

But the bird does not enjoy being bothered by the pesky human, and so it takes things into his own hands/wings.

While the girl flees and screams in terror, her father finds the whole things absolutely hilarious.

What’s not so funny: the vertical video.