Simplify Your Life, Go Practice

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Scales are both the most important and the most tedious part of any practice regimen, but they're still a lot less complicated than, say, feelings.

Most Overused Rhymes

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I'd like to add "true/you/do" to the list, particularly from older songs.

The Most Musically Active Cities in the United States

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A study by the Martin Prosperity Institute assigned each metropolitan area in the United States a "Metro Music Index" according to the concentration of musicians and of businesses in the music industry. Ongoing studies are also incorporating online information from networks central to the music industry, such as MySpace.

The top 10 metro areas with the largest index are:
1. Nashville, TN
2. New York, NY
3. Los Angeles, CA
4. San Francisco, CA
5. Seattle, WA
6. Las Vegas, NV
7. Portland, OR
8. New Orleans, LA
9. Rochester, NY
10. Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN

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