LOL of the Day: The Best News Bloopers of 2014

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Let's face it, with Ebola scares, disappearing planes and riots across the country, the news hasn't been that great this year.

But thanks to some clueless/clumsy reporters and a whole new crop of viral stars, we still have something to laugh at.

Here's a 15-minute mashup of some of the best on-air moments and mishaps of 2014, including the dancing diva Brendan Jordan, Samuel L. Jackson shaming an interviewer for not doing his research and the one and only "apparently" kid.

Blooper of the Day: BBC Reporter Accidentally Gets High on Camera

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BBC's Middle East correspondent Quentin Sommerville got a little loopy when reporting a bit too close to a pile of burning opium, her0in and hash in Afghanistan 4 years ago.

And now the news blooper has been posted online as a Christmas gift to his viewers.

"Dear tweeps, it's been a year of bullets & bloodshed. You've earned a xmas laugh, at my expense," he wrote on Twitter, with a link to the video entitled "Don't inhale."

Both the original Tweet and the video have since been removed, but numerous copies were already uploaded.

According to a BBC spokesman, "The video of Quentin corpsing, which has now been deleted, was posted in the spirit of a blooper. It was filmed four years ago – it hasn't been seen before and was never broadcast."

Sommerville continued to joke about the incident on Twitter.

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