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You're not doing it right dude. Kudos to Buffalo Bills fans though for helping this beer-soaked idiot out.

Buffalo Bills fans this year have been ranked as the NFL's drunkest fans; and it seems like they're hellbent on one-upping the prior game's hysterical, purely irrational antics.

From this gnarly RKO awhile ago:

To this absolute depraved act of moonsaulting debauchery:

Stay safe out there Buffalo Bills fans!

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During an NFL pregame show on WUSA-TV in Washington, DC, Manley employed dumbed-down, reckless judgment on par with a Buffalo Bills tailgater who thought it'd be chill to jump onto a flaming table today.

Manley was speculating on Cam Newton, who might be selected as the first black quarterback ever named NFL MVP. Newton's had 626 rushing yards this season, which is in every sense of the word, 'madness.'

You can pretty much see Manley's co-host bow his head, and die on the spot. Like, wow man.

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