Is This Failed Promposal a Total Cringe, or an Elaborate Fake?

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Something just seems a little off about this failed prom propsal, as the keen observers at Uproxx pointed out. How could this kid have not known if she already had a date, especially if there was going to be a gigantic show of it? Here's some choice quotes in an interview the guy had with the Daily Mail:

‘I spent a bit of time planning the proposal, I really thought she was going to be the one.

‘Apparently she already had a date and I had no idea.

‘At the time I felt pure embarrassment. You can’t even put it into words. I was like, ‘Oh my god, I was just rejected in front of 2,000 people.'

Hot Mic of the Day: Wisconsin Basketball Player Calls Stenographer ‘Beautiful’ in Press Conference

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Hot mics… they’ll get you every time. Just ask Robert Durst.

Fortunately, this latest gaffe was a lot more innocent.

Wisconsin forward Nigel Hayes was having some fun with the stenographers at a press conference in L.A. on Wednesday, trying to test their skills with a complicated word: “syzygy.”

Soon after, one of these women caught his attention, and he shared his opinion of her with his teammates unaware that everyone in the room could hear him as well.

“God she’s beautiful,” he said, quickly realizing his mistake. He then covered his face in shame as he was suddenly thrust into viral video stardom.