The Golden Globes Didn't Know the Difference Between America Ferrera and Gina Rodríguez
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America Ferrara, known for her role in Ugly Betty got to kick off the anouncements of the Golden Globes nominees.

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Uh.. wait, Golden Globes, why did you just say that was Gina Rodríguez? 
Gina Rodríguez was nominated for an award for her role in Jane the Virgin. There she is now!

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No, no that's the same event as before. That's still America Ferrera!  

After being called out on the misidentification, TWICE, the Golden Globes' Twitter account seems to have deleted the offending tweets and started identifying America Ferrera as herself.

Neither actresses have commented but people are pretty mad about the mistake. Someone who's job includes knowing who celebrities are and Tweeting about them probably should have been able to figure it out. Or at least ask someone, or take one second to Google who was presenting the Golden Globes nominees.