Sonny Truyen used rage. It's not very effective...

The hype for Pokémon GO is very real and people are losing their jobs over it. Sonny Truyen, an Australian who just started working at Singapore property site as the vice president of digital marketing, has been fired for posting an angry rant about not having Pokémon GO yet.

Sonny got into a spat with a Singaporean named Adelene Kong, which started when Sonny called Singapore a "sh*t country."

h/t Mashable

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Via: Yelp
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A teenage girl with the Twitter handle “@Cellla_” did not want to go to work at her new job at Jet’s Pizza in Mansfield, Texas last week, so she Tweeted about it.

And now she doesn’t have to go, because she was fired.

Her would-be boss, Robert Waple, saw the tweet (thanks to one his employees), and he let her know himself that she didn’t have to bother showing up.

It seems like Robert is done with Twitter for while after this 15 seconds of fame. He hadn’t used his account since 2009, and he has since deleted all the tweets related to her firing.

“Made my point today,” he wrote. “I’ll check in again in 6 years.”

And Cella is seeing a lot of mixed reactions on her Twitter account now as the story spreads, but she just finds the whole thing so LOL.

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