Sick Burn of The Day: Debra Messing Retweets Unsolicited Peen Pic For Justice
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Actress Debra Messing really doesn't want to see your peen.

Exhibit: A

Exhibit: OMG she just tweeted that to her 257,000 followers!

The Will & Grace star apparently received this picture from a gentleman on Instagram. She didn't appreciate his unsolicited nudity, so she had a message for the Internet.



But don't send the peen.

funny fail image sweden has a snow penis problem
Via: @Brosner85
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Some prankster in Gothenburg's Kungsparken park used the early snowfall as a canvas to draw a giant penis on top of a layer of ice. While other residents are offended, the Park officials are unable to clear the creative snow-art due to it only having a thin layer of ice left leading to it. You can read The Local for the full story.

Update: It's even bigger now!