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This is what happens when former presidents discover hashtags.
Bill Clinton Tweeted a thank you to George W. Bush Wedesday for receiving a copy of his new book, "41," with the hashtag: HowAreYouSTILLNotOnTwitter.
Then Bush replied with an Instagram, screenshotting Clinton's tweet and adding his own special hashtag in the comments: BrotherFromAnotherMother.
Still waiting on Obama's response via Vine.

memes george w bush A Waitress Got a Lot of Hate After Tweeting About Her Tip From George W. Bush With a 9/11 Joke
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This woman went to work as a server and had President George W. Bush and his wife as customers.  Apparently, they were pretty nice and left a "hella" tip. When she shared the picture they took together she referenced the conspiracy theory that "Bush did 9/11" as a joke.   

At first it was funny, but she got more attention than she planned on getting. 

The Tweet also got a lot of hate. Eventually it became necessary to let people know that she wasn't serious. 

Come on, Internet, can't you guys take a joke?

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