tv scary kids books Someone Thought It'd Be a Good Idea to Broadcast 'Watership Down' on Easter
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'Watership Down' is a terrifying movie based on a book by Richard Adams about a community of rabbits finding their way in the world.  It usually has cute rabbits on the cover so it's usually mistaken for a children's book but the world of Watership Down is brutal and not all of the happy little bunnies survive.

But... it's about bunnies so that makes it a great Easter film, right? That's what someone at Channel 5 in England must have thought when they scheduled the movie to run in the afternoon on Easter day. 

Naturally, some families were outraged but others just enjoyed the irony of the programming. 

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Others support the movie and think parents these days are too sensitive. 

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For those of you who haven't seen it, please, watch the trailer and imagine little kids watching this with their families on a lazy Easter afternoon.

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E-sports journalist Amanda Stevens boarded her United Airlines flight ready to cover a League of Legends tournament, sporting her Black Panther Marvel hat and upside down America flag shirt, when she was notified by a flight attendant that her hat was making the pilot feel 'uncomfortable.' Stevens live-tweeted the situation as well:

i09 reached out to Stevens and she told them that United Airlines told her she was ejected from the flight because of her interaction with the flight attendant...

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