Good2Go is a Sexual Consent App That Gives Partners the Opportunity to Provide Written Consent Before Doin' the Dirty

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Sexual consent is something that you should always get from your partner before you bang. But is an app really the best way to go about getting it?

For starters, talk about a moodkiller. "Here, before we go any further, let me have you complete this form on my phone. So hawt."

Second, if someone is "pretty wasted," as one of the app's sobriety options reads, are they going to truthfully report said sobriety while they're drunk, knowing full well that marking "pretty wasted" kills the consent process? If you're drunk and ready, you're drunk and ready, and your phone yapping at you saying that you don't give consent is only liable to piss you off, not stop what you're about to do.

Third, if one party does in fact revoke consent mid-sex, what are you doing to do? Pull out your phone again and change your answer from "I'm Good2Go" to "No, Thanks?"

Fourth, tying into the last point, what is the app actually meant to accomplish from a legal perspective? How is someone going to prove that they revoked consent when they originally put "I'm Good2Go" at the start of the encounter?

"You see, Your Honor, I know I said that I was Good2Go, but then I changed my mind and was Bad2Go like five minutes in!" "Too bad! The app says you were Good2Go and that's it! Case closed!"

Last, but perhaps not least, I can barely type my lock screen password in while I'm drunk. Am I really going to be able choose consent, choose my (truthful) sobriety level, put in my phone number and create a password all as quickly as they claim you can? Unlikely.

All in all, sexual consent isn't just a good idea: it's mandatory. End of story. But bringing in a confusing app complete with phone numbers, passwords, and dubious legal authority might not be the best way to get it.

Plus it just ends up reminding me of this:

This is the Daily Show Skit That Got One Direction Fans in a Frenzy On Twitter

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The clip above aired Thursday night on The Daily Show, a relatively innocuous joke about the fanaticism of a vocal group of fans of the boy band. Fans, however, took it as an insult against One Direction member Zayn Malik - who is of Pakistani descent. By Friday, angry fans had hashtags globally trending on Twitter:

Not seen here? #ZaynDefenseSquad, #ZayneSavesNotKills, and other smaller hashtags throughout the day - which our friends at Know Your Meme have kindly gathered up! Meanwhile, the Washington Post reports that over 114,000 tweets have been tallied under the popular hashtags.

The moral of the story, as always, is to never underestimate the power of teenage girls on social media.

How Many People Are Going to Fall for This Fake iPhone "Bend" Ad?

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After reports began to break that Apple's new iPhone 6 Plus would bend under light stress, trolls at 4chan and Reddit set out to advertise it as another new feature - much like their fake "Wave" stunt. The resulting video is... surprisingly close to what an actual Apple ad would look like. And others around the internet are getting in on the fun:

The New Hidden Feature of the iPhone 6? It's Bendable! Wait, That's Not a Feature.

The New Hidden Feature of the iPhone 6? It's Bendable! Wait, That's Not a Feature. View Fullscreen
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It's been only a few days since the launch of the iPhone 6, and Apple fans have already found a problem in their cool new toy. Reports coming from the MacRumors forums and Twitter are showing that the aluminum-glass slab that is the iPhone 6 Plus are bending after extended time in front pockets. Of course that goes double if you happen to wear skinny jeans with tight pockets - but luckily Apple fans aren't the type to be that hip, right?

Well. Huh.

Here's the video of the entire bend test courtesy of Unbox Therapy: