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Via: Boing Boing
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As protests heat up over the possibility of true democracy in Hong Kong and unrest over political oligarchy, this appeared on the Facebook page of Chai Yan Leung. The daughter of Hong Kong chief executive CY Leung had this to say, via Boing Boing:

"The necklace on my profile pic is not a dog collar, silly!!!" she said. "This is actually a beautiful necklace bought at Lane Crawford (yes - funded by all you HK taxpayers!! So are all my beautiful shoes and dresses and clutches!! Thank you so much!!!!)". Chai Yan hit out at those taunting her saying, "Actually maybe I shouldn't say 'all you'- since most of you here are probably unemployed hence all this time obsessed with bombarding me with messages". She later said, "It's ok, your mother still loves you".
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