You See the World, and the World Sees You

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Apparently, this is the real deal, and not a translation mistake. Chinese fashion firm Xiamen Jinzhi cites Keller's "philanthropist spirit" as the driving force behind the marketing decision to sell this line of sunglasses.

Rumor has it they're producing a line of summer dresses too, which will be available in blue or red or green or orange or yellow or purple or some other color. Hard to tell.

Fortune Cookie Friday

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Zomg! What are my teeth trying to tell me? AND DON'T TELL ME TO BRUSH MORE OFTEN

engrish funny - fortune cookie friday ...oh. Well that's a good deal, I guess. #iexpectedsomuchmore

engrish funny - fortune cookie friday Well that's just, like, your oppinion, man.

engrish funny - fortune cookie friday Thanks, MOM

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