92nd!? I have to wait that long!?

absent,clean,cleaning,hotel,housekeeping,note,please,room service
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I have Hotel New Akao stay, thank you. I has absent, but cleaned. If there is it what is it. Please contact it to the 92nd room service. Entering a room time 10:00 charge Terui Hotel New Akao Hause keeping

Do what with the iceberg?

bubble,clean,computer,directions,g rated,iceberg,knife,laptop,notebook,Paste,rags,skin,success
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  1. Paste needed before the cloth notebook shell Wipe clean.
  2. Determine the location of the same paste.
  3. Put a bright opening of the iceberg, the beginning of paste.
  4. On the right side to left side put their hands to prevent or heal rags have a bubble until paste End.
  5. Film will be cut off part of the surplus, the need to resist cutting when the knife edge of the notebook in order to ensure smooth.
  6. Success, Hull
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