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2015's been crowned the year of the female orgasm.

Household celebrities like Amy Schumer and Nicki Minaj spoke out with strong advocation, and outright demand for women worldwide to receive the sexual satisfaction they're deserved.

There's more wood to chop though; Cosmopolitan shared a survey this year, which reveals only 57% of women achieve orgasms during sex with their partners. It's time to close the orgasm gap folks.

This new released website, OMGYES, serves as an online orgasm training program, and actually provides the aid of real women to show through many differing techniques, how they make themselves come.

The site arranges what appears as a vast vocabulary bank full of equally tantalizing techniques, in a practical version of taxonomy based on female pleasure. Knowledge is power folks.

OMGYES users can then pretty much practice till they're perfect via an interactive touchscreen, which broadcasts realtime feedback. So, essentially an orgasm coach in the palm of your hand. Technology's a beautiful thing, ain't it?

Sure, in a brighter, better world full of sunshine and rainbows, there'd be no such thing as blue balls, but nobody's perfect. Some of us definitely suck at bringing others to orgasm.

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After some 60 years of sex research, science-type people are unable to definitively locate a "G-spot." (did you know it's named after a dead German gynecologist? think about THAT during your next sexy times) They're not saying that any and all stimulation is all mental or faked though (except for your girlfriend, OHHHH BURRRRRN). Rather, pleasurable sensation comes from several different structures converging, and there's not a special, particular erogenous gland tucked away in there. I'm sure the test subjects were very happy to assist with studying orgasms.

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