Jackass Steals a Jersey Girl's Car During an OK Cupid Date

one more reason not to use ok cupid
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Via Uproxx:

It sounds like any other romantic evening of fine wining and dining in New Jersey — a sports bar in a small south Jersey town called Atco, and a red 2007 Toyota Solara with custom tags that read “JSRYGRL”. The date, who identified himself as Gennaro Aladena of Atlantic City, convinced the woman to bring him back to her place. That’s when he stole the car.

Mathematician Chris McKinlay Hacked OKCupid to Find His Dream Girl

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Via Wired:

Then came the message from Christine Tien Wang, a 28-year-old artist and prison abolition activist. McKinlay had popped up in her search for 6-foot guys with blue eyes near UCLA, where she was pursuing her master's in fine arts. They were a 91 percent match.

He met her at the sculpture garden on campus. From there they walked to a college sushi joint. He felt it immediately. They talked about books, art, music. When she confessed that she'd made some tweaks to her profile before messaging him, he responded by telling her all about his love hacking. The whole story.

"I thought it was dark and cynical," she says. "I liked it."

It was first date number 88. A second date followed, then a third. After two weeks they both suspended their OkCupid accounts.

Kate the Wasp Joins OK Cupid

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She's one of Yannis Pappas' 5 funniest things, be sure to click here to check out the other 4!

And remember, if you want a woman like Kate, you're going to have to summer your flat white butt off!