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"Yesterday, my husband and I could legally get married in Wisconsin," he said. "After our ceremony (and staying to witness several others) we stopped in last night for dinner to celebrate."

Graham and his husband went to Transfer Pizzeria & Cafe on Mitchell Street with some friends to celebrate. But the end of the meal brought an unexpected wedding gift.

"When the check came, our server, Melissa, told us that our bill had been taken care of by the staff."
image superheroes lgbtq Marvel Fans Really Want Captain America to Have a Boyfriend
Via: LiamKelsall
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Marvel fans are using the hashtag #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend.   Some people are against it for "cannonical" reasons but really, there are just so many boyfriend options to choose from:

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Will this love story happen in the next films, maybe not. As to why this is trending, it seems like it has a lot to do with a lackluster love story in the most recent Captain America:Civil War. (WARNING: Mild spolier ahead?)

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