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If this relationship is ever going to work, Zach will need to completely deny the existence of females outside of his girlfriend. And totally surrender control of his privacy to said girlfriend. Is that so much to ask?

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The original Reddit poster transcribed this Declaration of Neediness for all to read:

*1. No looking around.
*2. No sensitive topics (i.e girls)
*3. No phonecalls after 12
*4. No spending money
*5. Plan and organise days before playing xbox
*6. be over the top sweet all the time
*7. call when upset
*8. Tell me if you're going out
*9. Warn if boner (that's a little disturbing)
*10. Look away if girls are on the screen
*11. No aggression.
*12. No excuses
*13. No other websites
*14. Listen
*15. No looking at internet without her.