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Internet gold: hell hath no fury like this girl in Camden, NJ, who started pummeling her cheating boyfriend on the train, causing a full stop until police could come and escort her away. Cops showing up didn't stop her from lashing out at everyone who got near her though, nor did it stop the women filming from providing hilarious commentary.

Note - this video contains profanity and disproportionate (although entertaining) vengeance for infidelity.

The video's kinda long, but some highlights are: the first minute (violence, swearing), 1:50 (the bf tries to defend himself), 2:43 (more violence, now with boot to the head!), 3:38 (the gf reveals that all this is because he cheated), 3:59 (more violence), 4:50 (cops show up), 5:06 (Gf vs. Cops), 7:25 (Gf vs. Cops, Round II)

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