Kris Humphries' Worst Year Ever Gets Worse

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This guy can't catch a break: as if their 72-day marriage wasn't embarrassing enough, now Star magazine's cover story is "OMG HE'S TOTES GAY." Their evidence? He got pedicures and wore expensive suits, he shaved Kourtney Kardashian's husband's armpits on the show once, and he and Kim weren't intimate as often as she might've liked, including one night when he turned her down so he could watch SportsCenter.

Considering the whole Kardashian clan pretty much manipulated him into boosted ratings for their show(s) and a multi-million dollar wedding deal, can you really blame Mr. Humphries for not wanting to sleep with one of them?


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Woman In Dubai Wants a Divorce Because Her Husband Can't Satisfy Her

He's not up for the challenge.
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Via Gulf News:

“The wife claims that her husband can only have sex with her three to four times a week… but she deems that unsatisfactory. After she and her countryman husband failed to reach an amicable settlement, the case was referred to the Sharia Court to look into the woman’s divorce claim,” sources close to the case told Gulf News.

When confronted by the presiding judge, the claimant [wife] said she desires to have sexual intercourse with her husband twice or thrice a day but he cannot fulfil her demands.

Woman Arrested for Marrying 10 Men Without Divorcing Any of Them

she wants the ring
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Some ladies just love getting married.

Via DNAinfo:

A woman was busted for marrying 10 men within 11 years, all in the state of New York, without divorcing any of them, officials said. Liana Barrientos, 38, crisscrossed the counties from Eastchester to White Plains, racking up spouses until finally pressing her luck in the Bronx, where an eagle-eyed marriage clerk put a halt to her polygamous ways, according to the Bronx District Attorney's office.