Craigslist Ad of The Day: 'Romeo Rose' Has a Job Opening no Woman Would Ever Want
Via: Craigslist
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This Craigslist ad sounds legit.

You might remember Romeo Rose from a few years ago. He's the guy who created a website called "Sleepless in Austin" where he promised to give someone $1,500 if they found him the woman of his dreams.

He has particular tastes, according to The Daily Dot.

Rose, real name Laramie Busby, is allegedly back again! And 2015 is a new era in his search for love.

A Craigslist ad claims he is creating a "kissing documentary" and will give you (young women of his choosing) $10,000 if selected to star alongside him. And presumably kiss him.

Now, this isn't verified. Could anyone have written this Craigslist post? Yes. Could Romeo Rose have written it? Yes.

Who knows? Respond and see if you are one of the ~lucky~ ladies.

Via: Uproxx
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