The Only Movie You Need to Watch for St. Patrick's Day

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"Leprechaun 2" where Mack Daddy O'Nassas (Ice-T) smokes the greenest of the grass with a leprechaun, what else do you even need in a movie?

My Perfect Saturday Night

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Sometimes you just need a beer and a night in to get through the holidays.

The Ultimate Halloween (the movie) Drinking Game

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A game for 4 players:

Things you'll need:
1. Shots (whatever anyone prefers or spooky themed if you'd rather.)
2. Something to chug (beer or wine would work best unless you really feel like throwing up.)

How to play:
1. Write Laurie, Annie, Lynda, and Bob on strips of paper and put the names into a hat. Each of the 4 players draws a name. (hope you don't get Laurie).
2. When your character screams take a shot. (See why you don't want to be Laurie?)
3. When your character dies chug your drink.
4. Anytime someone says "boogyman" EVERYONE drinks half their drink.

Now have fun, and please... don't drive after this game, and stop if you think you're going to throw up on your friends new couch. Because that couch was expensive. It's a nice couch.