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Excuse me, I'm fluent in Drunkish. Ahem!

"Hey man, I'm all for Hugo asking Bruno out on a date. They really seem like they have a lot in common."

"Let me re-phrase, I'm STRON[G]LY in favor of it!"


"They go together like N and Ñ in the Spanish alphabet!"

"I'd like to talk to you on the phone about it, but it's too damn loud in here."

"Lord, that's odd! The po-po just showed up to the party and they just signed up on the beer pong table queue!"

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Via: NW Daily Marker
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Three staff members of Rick Larsen, Democratic Congressman of Washington State's 2nd District, had the great idea of using Twitter to talk about using the office for drunken parties, blowing off work, and even talking s$%t about their boss. Suffice to say, they were fired yesterday. Here are some of their more memorable tweets.

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