The Legend From WWE, Ric Flair, Got a Life-Sized Bronze Statue In His Dedication, Hilariously Looks Nothing Like Him

The similarities are so glaringly lacking it's almost impressive. What exactly were they aiming for? Putting together and carving the worst possible assemblage of a man that quite literally defined WWE's time? Then mission not failed, and accomplished. 

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win article stone cold explains the stunner
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On his podcast the other day, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, the only professional wrestler to have delivered the stunner to a president, devluged the secret behind his finishing move, the "Stone Cold Stunner."

This came after WWE Universal champion Kevin Owen performed a stunner in his Royal Rumble match with Roman Reigns. Of course, Owens asked for permission to use the movie, however, Stone Cold took issue with how it was performed.

What follows is a breakdown of the move:

  1. The Kick
    • “Sometimes when you get into your oxygen reserves, what happens? You start to lose your thought process. You can’t perform up to your utmost ability. The beauty is when you kick the guy in the gut, right in the diaphragm, boom! You sap his lung of all the oxygen. All of a sudden, his brain’s like, ‘Ugh… I need to breathe! I’m about halfway blown up! This is deep in the match, I need oxygen.’”

  2. Lock the head:
    • “Right underneath the jaw you’ve got two holes on eiach side of your jaw, the foramen nerves. That’s where people get knocked out. So when you grab that head, put it on top of your collarbone, the AC (acromioclavicular) region, your trapezoid, you’re locking that jaw down.”

  3. Impact
    • “Let’s say someone (who’s) 250 pounds hits you with an uppercut. Now let’s take double body weight, 500 pounds, give or take, hitting you with an uppercut—that’s both men’s weights coming down on that shoulder. You hit your ass on the mat, the mat springs you back up, giving that energy a direct path—your vertebrae, your back— through your shoulders to his damn jawbone, wham! Lights out. That’s how scientific it is.”

Those are the key ingredients to a perfect stunner. But even when it's not perfect, it's pretty awesome:

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"I'm a big wrestling fan and, to be honest, I just couldn't resist! Only six people in attendance knew I was doing this (including my mom and sister-in-law who helped make the robe). My wife was clueless until Brandon https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpum...(camerman/groomsman) showed her the video. She approved :) Enjoy! WOOOOOOOO!!! #DoitWithFlair #WonderfulWootens"